Range of Adhesives for Fireboards

We have just introduced three new products which are for use with our fireboards.

Vitcas BA Board Adhesive and Hardener- Hardener is used for hardening the surface and edges of Vitcas CS Fireplace Construction Boards;

Board Adhesive is used for connecting the boards together and for attaching them to the wall. The adhesive is available in packages of different sizes.

HB60-Heat Resistant ‘Dot and Dab’ Adhesive has a minimum 60 minute working time for the construction of tiled stoves, as well as pizza and bread ovens.

It is very convenient to use as a ‘dot and dab’ adhesive to fix construction boards, vermiculate boards and high temperature plasterboards to the wall where the surface is uneven.

The products mentioned are now available in our online shop at