Our Wood-fired Outdoor Ovens feature in National Paper

Our Wood-fired Outdoor Ovens have made an appearance in this week’s Saturday edition of national newspaper The Guardian!

In the Food & Drink section of the paper we have a feature dedicated to our ovens and the great variety of foods that you can prepare and cook in them. The article highlights how having a outdoor oven is “becoming ever more popular as a way to get the most from your outdoor space,” and “is a good reason to invite friends round... it makes a great talking point.

The readers of the paper also have access to a fantastic limited discount voucher which can be used when buying ovens or materials from our website, and can be entered at the checkout. 

To get started with your own wood-fired outdoor oven please visit our online shop website or give us call on 0117 911 7895.

You can find out more about the paper at their website: